We like to start the creative process of every project utilising trusted, traditional tools: pencil and paper.

take your thoughts, plans & ideas and turn them into patterns and pictures for your audience to enjoy.

We develop and digitise your chosen visual directions following your feedback on our pencil sketches.

We refine and finalise your chosen designs. We guide the in-studio production  and onsite installation process to provide our expertise in design longevity.

We learn as much as possible about your project and the story that makes it unique, through dialogue and thoughtful research. .

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Since 1994

We are

Designer. Craftperson. Artist. Fabricator.

We work  on diverse, interesting    projects or ideas from exciting individuals, organisations and communities.

A creative studio united by the designer’s craft with the mark of a bespoke craftsperson. Where artistic expression tells a simple  story  told well and a belief  that art has the power to affect the world.  


Honouring the time it takes to build quality, we've looked to the past to create something new. In a world of immediacy we exist by keeping it modern, efficient and on time.


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Choosing colour like a painter, shaping tesserae like a sculptor and weaving pattern as if fibre.  The line between designer, craftsperson and artist becomes invisible.


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How we 

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